The Western Mystery Tradition As a Spiritual Path

The European Secret Custom is just a unique religious way that represents the collective spiritual knowledge of the european world. It welcomes this wisdom from the wide variety of divergent sources because it regards all religious traditions within a continuing conversation between person and God. The American Puzzle Convention has no dogma or needed values; all it requires can be an start mind and a commitment to inner exploration. Spirituality is recognized as something that must be skilled by the home, not explained by some one else. Each individual is inspired to take duty for his / her possess religious progress, rather than depending upon a spiritual chief or guru.
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The teachings with this Tradition rest on three methods: the research of designs, the efficiency of practice, and the look for self-knowledge. The Tradition acknowledges that while designs signify an alternative buy of reality, they don’t constitute that various reality. This enables practitioners to be interested in and open to numerous representations from a number of sources. Our comprehension of that different the reality is increased through meditation on and study of symbols.

The 2nd training, habit, is employed in all organized religions and indigenous spiritual systems. It requires special abilities to execute ritual precisely; when these abilities are perfected and deepened through standard practice, ritual can cause a bridge between different levels of attention: consciousness and superconsciousness, mankind and Divine, physical and spiritual.

The third exercise is self-knowledge. Self-knowledge a course in miracles, achieved by continually pondering what we believe we all know, teaches us to separate who and what we actually are from the false identities that we produce all through our lives.

These three practices enhance one another even as we employ them. Via a better understanding of icons, our practice practice is strengthened; through more powerful ritual, our self-knowledge is deepened; through greater self-knowledge, we achieve a subtler gratitude of symbols; and so on. That produces a synergy that alters our experience of being human and, ultimately, leads people to the ultimate value: the notion of our personal Divinity. That awareness is referred to in the American Secret Tradition as “Initiation.”

Walking the path of the Western Puzzle Tradition is no simple, find-God-in-ten-quick-lessons method of spirituality. It’s a trip that requires us to be ready to leave from relaxed values in to thorny places. It is really a commitment that requirements the most effective of our anatomies, minds and minds. It is a way of life that will transfer us from the previous, familiar exercises of our lives. But those that walk this way know the value may be worth any trouble and any risk. The Leave Puzzle School in Tucson, AZ, offers courses in several aspects of the European Mystery Tradition.

Amy Wall, a life-long student of Kabbalah and the European Secret Tradition, has been teaching these topics independently and in synagogues the past 10 years. She’s learned with a number of various mystery colleges, like the Hermetic Buy of the Wonderful Beginning and Builders of the Adytum.

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